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Services available across Canada
Virtual Services Available
Offices across Ontario, Alberta and B.C.

  • Phone Numbers:
  • 905-951-7957
  • 1-800-505-3405

Opportunities Available for Vocational Consultants
across Canada

Metrics Vocational Services

About Us

Metrics Vocational Services provides expert Legal Forensic Assessments as well as a wide range of Vocational Rehabilitation and Assessment Services.

Expert, credentialed team of professionals

Our team of Certified Vocational Rehabilitation Professionals (CVRP), Canadian Certified Vocational Evaluators (CCVE) and Certified Life Care Planners (CLCP) specialize in delivering timely, personalized services that support both individuals with physical, cognitive, and psychological disabilities, as well as Workers' Compensation, Short- and Long-Term Disability, Casualty Insurance organizations, and Legal/Tort cases. In addition, we serve employers through comprehensive employment screening, assessments and vocational consulting.

Comprehensive, holistic assessments

Using standardized tests and software, our experts apply a comprehensive, solution-focused approach to determine an individual's training and employment potential to effectively assimilate, remain in, or reintegrate into the workforce. Our services examine all aspects of the client’s case, whether we’re preparing a vocational rehabilitation plan, providing psychometric testing, presenting a well rationalized opinion, or delivering a forensic vocational assessment report as an expert witness for litigation.

With an uncompromising commitment to quality, we work collaboratively with stakeholders to advance the field, promote best evidence-based practices, to innovate, and to achieve service excellence for all clients.

Our Services

Virtual Services

  • > Vocational Assessments
  • > Psycho-Vocational Assessments
  • > Psychological Assessments
  • > Vocational and Disability Case Management
  • > Transferrable Skills Analyses
  • > Employability Skills Assessments and Training
  • > Job Search Training
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Legal Forensic Assessment Services

  • > Legal Vocational Services
  • > Employability Assessments
  • > Family Law Assessments and Reports
  • > Residual Earnings Capacity
  • > Life Care Planning / Future Care Cost Analysis
  • > Legal Forensic Service Reports
  • > Report Critiques
  • > File Reviews & Telephone/Verbal Consultations
  • > Return to Work Services
  • > Restricted Future Care Plans
  • > Attendant Care Reviews
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Assessment Services

  • > Vocational Assessment
  • > Psycho-Vocational Assessment
  • > Transferrable Skills Analysis
  • > Labour Market Survey
  • > Psycho-Educational Assessment
  • > Neuro-Psycho-Vocational Assessment
  • > Employment Screening
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Physical Assessment Services

  • > Functional Assessment
  • > Ergonomic Assessment
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Vocational Case Management Services

  • > Initial rehabilitation assessments
  • > Establishing realistic goals
  • > Facilitating health care and treatment services
  • > Arranging for workplace accommodations
  • > Graduated return to work plans
  • > Vocational counselling
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Job Search & Computer Training

  • > Combined 4-week job search and computer training program
  • > Individual in-person training sessions
  • > Additional 1:1 support
  • > Professional resumes, cover letters and additional employment documents
  • > Mock interviews
  • > On-line job searching
  • > Completing application forms
  • > Networking and social media
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  • > Customized to employer needs
  • > Supervisory, leadership, essential skills
  • > Group training available
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